Unusual Real Estate LLC  does business as PFREMMER REALTY…

PFREMMER REALTY, is a full service real estate company  located on the main street of Gilbert, Minnesota that provides trusted service to the Iron Range, Arrowhead and the Lakes region of N.E. Minnesota.

Owners are Jerry and Paulette Pfremmer of Gilbert.

Jerry Pfremmer has been active in real estate and related business for over 30 years.

He became a licensed auctioneer in 1983, a certified personal property appraiser in 1985 and later a licensed realtor in 1996, providing real estate services, estate sales and personal property appraisals for clients until recently when the demand for real estate created a need to spend full time with his real estate career. Providing estate sales, auctions and buy outs from the Unusual Place in Eveleth for 15 years, drove the decision for Jerry to enter the real estate industry in 1996.  He’s worked with Coldwell Banker, Northland Realty and finally Vermilion Land Office of Tower/ Lake Vermilion and Virginia where he'd been an associate broker until recently.  On March 10, 2015 Jerry and Paulette  began the new company with the family name attached. Paulette is a natural to work within the real estate world and was the Office Manager for Vermilion Land Office for a number of  years.

Jerry’s  parents, Herb and Jean Pfremmer, started a number of successful  business’ in the area including: Taconite Tire Service, Taconite Oil Company, North Country Traders, Lookout Mountain, Four Seasons Supper Club and later the Unusual Place next to the World’s Largest Hockey Stick in Eveleth. Paulette’s family still lives on the Kelsey farm where they owned and operated a very successful dairy business providing products for Land O Lakes of Minnesota.

The use of the family name is a way to reflect and celebrate a rich business history in the families.

Jerry says: "Our major strength is our agents that will strive to under promise and over deliver".

The licensed agents working with the company are:

Jerry Pfremmer, Owner/Broker, Laura Smith, Nick Vukelich and Sara Jordahl. All are very qualified to help clients and customers obtain their real estate goals. "In our business, it all begins with a chat"….says Pfremmer.   Most will find the office a very comfortable place to begin a real estate adventure.  Even a 10 minutes visit can provide a lot of helpful information regarding purchasing or selling real estate.  Visitors can count on no pressure or expectations from a call or visit.

Pfremmer Realty is located at 318 North Broadway (Main Street) in Gilbert, Minnesota.  Right next to Nick’s Bar.

To phone, fax, email or, for driving directions, please contact us.