When buyers decide to buy, they usually begin their trek by seeking information on homes available to them via a number of ways: the internet, social medias, friends, yard signs and/or print medias for the most part. Keep in mind that a local relator website may offer the most current data available. Some of the common national sites may seem interesting, but, seem to be notorious for not keeping their content current. Local realtor sites do much better in our opinion… including PfremmerRealty.com

Pfremmer Realty and most local real estate brokerages are members of the local MLS listing service. That means that almost any local realtor website you choose to visit will allow you to search for any and all local listings, not just the listings that any certain company offers. That’s what’s best for buyers and sellers.

Most real estate seekers will consider the potential to use a realtor or just go ahead by them-selves and tackle the challenge of finding property that suits their needs, whether it be: homes in town, cabins, year round lake homes, commercial properties or just land… Buying real estate doesn’t need to be a strenuous affair. Searching and selecting the right property can happen quickly. Putting it all together to help you achieve a successful closing, however, is where the details become important.

There are a lot of critical details in between the decision to buy and a successful closing that a licensed professional realtor with Pfremmer Realty can assist you with. Addendums, Amendments, contingencies, financing details, disclosures, legals, purchase agreements, radon, lead based paint, assessments, septic and well inspections, easements and home inspections can all be a part of a normal real estate transaction. Realtors with Pfremmer Realty are trained and licensed to make sure that your best interests are being considered at all times and that attention to detail is being paid. Our licensed agents also have their fingers on the pulse of all available properties listed in the local MLS (Mulitple Listing Service) area. We know what’s available out there in the market and can make searching for YOUR right property much easier.

Simply call, text or email for information that would help you get started in finding the property you’re looking for.