Pfremmer Realty has all the tools and contacts you'll need to eliminate the burden of emptying a home or building.

estate liquidation

Emptying a home can be a daunting task. It's typical for more items to be left than taken. Family members can only absorb so much. Holding a public sale is not always a great solution for those that need to continue on with their lives, but, must first find a solution in the home emptying challenge. In some cases, they must disrupt their normal life and travel long distances to complete the task. If you face the scenario of being in charge of emptying a home to ready it for sale, Pfremmer Realty can help by first describing the local options you have at your disposal.

We can guide you to:

  • Contractors that would facilitate a public sale.
  • Buyers that would offer to purchase all.
  • Clean out specialists that empty the home for you.
  • Local auctioneers that would estimate a sale.
  • Local on-line auctions.
  • Local charities that will pick up limited items.
  • Personal property appraisers that will estimate the potential proceed amount from your sale.

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