When a seller of real estate has made a decision to sell, it’s common practice to call on a licensed real estate professional to help in determining a realistic selling price.  Markets fluctuate at times and working with someone that’s been involved in your local market can be an asset when it’s time to sell and you need to find the right price. Set the price too high and a listing can become stale. Set the price too low and the seller could be at a disadvantage.  Ultimately a home will sell for what a buyer will offer and a seller will accept. The main thing is, a prudent effort should be made to find the "right" price and our Realtors can help.

In order to estimate the current value of your property we would be happy to visit your home, collect some pertinent data and then research the market with the tools we have available. We’ll want to find out what similar properties have sold for within the last 12 to 18 months. We’ll look for SOLD COMPARABLES that come as close as possible to the features your property has.  We’ll also find some active properties still being offered that might be seen as competition for you.  The information we’ll collect on sold and active homes like yours will be a big help in planning a strategy that will work for you.

Finally, we’ll  prepare a simple report that’s easy to understand in order to share our final opinion. Keep in mind that YOU will be the one to set the price.  As your realtor , we’ll  simply be sharing our opinion based on the sold comparables as well as our own expertise and time in the market.

At Pfremmer Realty, we always begin by listening.